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Doing business today is a challenge for every entrepreneur. Modern businesses need to be lean, operationally efficient, cost-effective and faster in decision-making and delivery to stay ahead of the curve. Cloud technology is the latest revolution in the tech domain that enhances operational efficiency and flexibility for your business.

However, migration to the cloud calls for a comprehensive understanding of your business’s workflows and operations. A cloud migration specialist or a cloud services provider must also complete an audit of existing architecture and understand how they can manage services using cloud technology.

Introducing SOFTGEN

Cloud Solutions

Soften Technologies is a professional cloud services provider to businesses and industries. We have a range of cloud services consisting of cloud advisory, cloud development, migration and assurance, AWS Server, cloud environment building, and management of cloud services. Our portfolio of cloud services is listed below, but not limited to.

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    Our advisory services include an in-depth analysis of your business and information technology portfolio. Based on our findings, we suggest a cloud architecture best suited to your regulatory, cost, and technology constraints.

    Cloud Architecture


    We also design the application and platform architectures for cloud development and deployment.


    Cloud Services

    Our cloud service team devise strategic methods for on-boarding, provisioning and managing workloads on the cloud.




    We help our customers to anchor legacy systems and hosting issues on-premise.

    We at Softgen are entirely customer-focused on our support and services. Our objective remains to modernize your business operation ranging from your data center, and devices, and advise the cloud migration once we feel the necessity for maximizing the value from cloud and IT modernization. Once you go for the cloud, we will manage your investments with your on-premises, private, or public cloud and achieve your business mission.

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    SOFTGEN Offers Secure

    and Scalable Cloud Solution with AWS server solution

    We empower your business with AWS cloud hosting. You know that Amazon Web Services is a state of the art cloud platform providing cloud computing services for the personal and commercial use of the customers.  Subscription to AWS server service enables you to use web services and develop sophisticated applications with extended features like storage services, analytics, development and management tools, computing, messaging services, app services, database management, mobile networking and many more.

    With Amazon Web Services, we have extended sustainable solutions successfully to several of our customers.  A business can take umpteen advantage of Amazon Cloud Services, ensuring an efficient, cost-effective, and scalable solution for many IT challenges.

     Our dedicated cloud services team helps you overcome your cloud migration and manage services with consultancy, customized solutions, and support. While migrating to the AWS server, you may encounter several challenges at each stage of the migration process. Our team assists you in overcoming challenges that you may face while undergoing the migration process.

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