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The need for rapid and revolutionary change in the educational sector is becoming more apparent daily. We’re not just talking about change; we’re talking about the need for rapid digitization.

Hybrid-learning models that combine on-location learning with remote learning have become necessary from preschool to high school and even for higher levels of education like universities and technical training institutions.

And that’s where Softgen Technology comes in.

As a leading software development enterprise, we can provide technology relevant to the education sector; Softgen Technology helps you better manage your school’s or university’s rapid digital transformation. We will  also help you  design and implement unique, custom programs so you can:

  • Modernise your institution’s digital infrastructure and provide support for online classes, app designs, etc
  • Better manage student performance with dynamic LMS
  • Improve overall productivity by enhancing faculty capabilities and regulating easy access to study materials and relevant software solutions.
  • Leverage student data to derive insights actionable in real-time.

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    Android comes with a world of possibilities. It is one of the most widely used mobile operating platforms developed on open source. Since the launch of Android in 2008, over 675,000 apps are available for the android platform by September 2012 and 25 billion applications were downloaded from its play store.

    With the drastic increase in the number of Android devices in the marketplace, not a single company wants to ignore the Android application development services.

    The Android app development can be best performed by certified professionals and developers who are well-versed with the latest technologies and proven methodologies.

    * Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices



    • Mobile technology expertise and architectural best practices
    • Strategic mobility consulting capability
    • User interface design capability
    • HTML5 Hybrid application development and automated mobile testing platform
    • Strong industry vertical domain knowledge
    • Ability to integrate across standard and proprietary back-end systems
    • A proven ability to deliver award-winning mobile applications

    The mobile application development services offered cover all major mobile platforms including iOS, Android, Blackberry, HTML5, and associated server technologies, with scale and scope. We have repeatedly demonstrated the ability to deliver operational efficiency and use mobility to help you develop a competitive advantage.

    Mobility Services

    we provide

    Softgen mobile app development Company in Lucknow is comprehensive and covers every aspect of mobile application development both on the enterprise-side and consumer-facing side. These include the following:

    • Mobility Strategy Consulting: View Mobility from a New Perspective
    • User Experience: Design and Testing Laboratories
    • Mobile Application Development and Maintenance
    • Automated Mobile Application Testing and Performance Analysis
    • Mobile Application Security
    • Integration with Mobile Advertisement Network
    • Mobile Analytics

    Mobility strategy consulting :

    View Mobility from a new perspective

    Our strategy consultants (experts in mobility and the industry vertical) engage with you to get a clear understanding of your existing business processes and roadmap. They come equipped to help you make the key changes to leverage the power of mobile technology. Our engagements on mobile technology strategy and architecture typically help you with the following challenges:

    • Process reinvention: Evaluate legacy processes and scenarios, in order to leverage mobility and achieve efficiency and cost-savings, through a Business Process Reengineering (BPR) analysis.
    • ROI and mobility roadmap: Assess specific products and solutions from various vendors and assist with their RFI to these vendors.
    • Mobile client architecture choice: Choose the right type of client application- native, hybrid or web application.
    • Backend integration: Share our experience in integrating mobile applications with a myriad set of backend systems.
    • Buy vs. build decisions: Guide on decision criteria for mobile solutions.
    • Integration of new concepts to stay ahead: Recommend the deployment of new and emerging ideas like gamification, social media, context aware location services and augmented reality.

    User Experience :

    Design and Testing Laboratories

    There has been a great evolution in mobile operating system during last 15 years from Palm OS to Windows pocket PC, Blackberry OS and Android.

    Android is a Linux based mobile operating system which allows advanced computer processing. The Android technology is owned by Google, Inc., which comprises of an operating system, key applications and software. The technology is unique, as the platform is actively developed by Google, but given to hardware manufacturers and phone carriers for free.

    Mobile Application

    Development and Maintenance

    Our strength in architecture and strategy leads to a methodology that is focused on choosing the right type of development approach for a particular engagement.

    Design and Testing Laboratories

    Mobile App Development Services

    Hybrid App Developer

    Our talented team has expertise in developing hybrid apps that entice users and provide a pleasing user experience on different app development platforms. We add everything to design a world-class app, from smooth navigation to alluring icons.

    Android App Development

    Google play store, its popularity and its global market reach have made the Android application the hero of all the apps. Our developer has worked in this space and has mastered the art of creating an excellent Android application, meeting the revenue target as the Android app store is getting bigger and bigger every day.

    React Native Apps Development

    Our tech team works on an on-demand client-oriented software development model and achieve excellence in native mobile application development. It enables our products to become cross-platform and are independent of the deployment environment.

     Our developers excel in React native app development, and we build apps to deploy on the IOS and Android platforms without the team having to re-write the code.

    Best Mobile App Development Services in Lucknow

    iOS Development

    We have a competent team to turn your idea into a perfect iOS application with our efficient iOS app Development services. Our apps work smoothly on iPhones and iPads. Our app developers have experience developing high-performance apps on the iOS app development platform.

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    We Follow Two Distinct Approaches

    toward Application Development :

    Rich-client thin-client architecture approach for pure native, top-of-the-pyramid applications: This unique approach keeps the client code on the devices as small as possible to provide excellent user experience on the device, leveraging the unique native features of each platform and achieving easy portability between platforms.

    HTML5 Native Hybrid architecture for broad-based applications: Mobile web technologies like HTML5 augmented by a hybrid approach to take full advantage of the device features allow a single code base across multiple platforms while providing a great user experience.

    We Provide

    Multi-Platform Support :

    • Android (Phones and Tablets)
    • iOS (iPhone and iPad)
    • BlackBerry smartphones and Playbook tablets
    • WebOS phones and tablets
    • HTML 5 native hybrid applications
    • Mobile web including HTML 5
    Application Development

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